Our Cable cam is great to give you a completely different angle and dimension on a continues scene. Have you ever loved a jib shot so much that you just wish you can get more out of it? Now with the cable cam that is possible long wide crawling shots, fast moving continues shot you've got it all. So if there is a rigging point the cable cam would be up in no time.

The cable cam goes out with two professional operators that know each others move every second of the way. One operator controls the moving of the cable cam, stable and slow movements can help the camera operator to achieve great close up shots while moving around.

The camera is mounted onto a DJI Ronin and it's controlled by the camera operator controlling it with a DJI remote. With the cable cam you can get wireless full HD SDI 1080i or 1080p video on HD SDI or HDMI video signal

(Depends on the type of camera) and wireless zoom and focus control without touching the camera.

For Cable cam booking please contact Fritz de Jager.

Ruan and Fritz with the cablecam and Sony X70 Camera