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Bottomside OB Van

Our OB Van is great for shoots where we have to do live mixing on the same day where we have one location or multiple locations. By using OB truck we reduce setup like the producer, director, vision mixer etc and can run though the program and finalize the production.

We can do more than 16 cameras, we can do live graphic playouts, uncompressed recordings, live audio mixing, comms with everyone on the team, live streaming to social networks or personal websites.

Bottomside Studios can provide you with professional live or recorded production for a good price. We are a team that’s flexible with customer's needs and budget and still deliver TOP results.

Inside our OB Truck


This is inside our OB truck where we shooting, mixing live steaming straight to Facebook. This was for Wednesday Braai Night.

Live mix with mobile OB box


This is a morning event at Atterbury Theatre where we mixed a live stage production for Groot FM Radio station. Setup was about 3 hours no rehearsals we just went straight for the BIG event.

OB for 8 cameras and we controlled all audio for recording and the theatre audio. We did live graphics and straps to make it look exactly like a live TV Show and the crows were seeing it on TV on the side screens that we provided making use of rear projection.

Live Mix at Proesstraat


Proesstraat is a TV series shot in front of a live audience but that didn’t make it harder only challenging and fun. Our setup was done in the same venue under the stage. All cameras were recorded to their own BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Studios as well as on the cameras themself.