Antoher great shoot/Learning curve

This weekend, Bottomside Studios again had the privilege of working on the recording of the 4th Krone DVD. Select Music, one of the big record labels in SA, hosts this as a flagship event every year. This is where some of our biggest and best known vocal artist come together on a 360deg stage, to host one of the best singalong events I know. I think there was well above 100 song titles in the 3 hour show.

The biggest challange of shooting a show that has no front or back, and where action happens everywhere, all the time, is that you never know what you are missing, and where the next act is moving towards. Luckily, we had Kirsten Siebert from Tickybox Media to take notes the day before, and guide us through the show with calls to the second.

So to cater for this orgenised chaos, we used 8 tripod cameras, a 6m Jimmy Jib, a fully controlled cablecam, 2 PTZ robo cams and 2 handheld stabelised Osmo cameras from DJI. All this this was fed to our OB truck via Sommer Vector Plus SDI Coax, and Singlemode LC fibers with BlackMagicDesign fiber boxes. Our 16 channel ATEM2 did a great job to display and mix everything down to a great 1920X1080 mix, recorded to SSD on the Hyperdecks.

The most valueble part of our production was the team. Every cameraman and crew member did a great job to make this production a huge sucess. Cant wait to see the DVD, and if it proves to be anything like the previous one, I will buy it and put it in my personal collection.

Well done Bottomside Studios, and thank you Andre and Charlene from Blixem for the oppertunity.

Fritz de Jager - Bottomside Studios CEO

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